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    John Crosby

    Sales Representative

    We can appreciate how easy it is to slip into a ‘get it done’ perspective, even when it may work against our best interests. Life is busy and we understand that selling your home can be exhausting, emotional and something most prefer to conclude as quickly as possible. That’s why having John Crosby in your corner will ensure you don’t allow haste to create remorse with one of your single largest investments. John specializes in unique and luxury properties that typically have a narrower audience of buyers that can appreciate your vision.

    Whether you’ve been nurturing your investment for decades or created a unique space for resale, John employs an extensive marketing mix, proven experience and a vast network to maximize your property’s potential. John filters out the most qualified matches to bring you the best possible offer. His connections to investors, developers and higher net worth buyers means that you are positioned in front of an inclined audience. He’ll not only eliminate the emotional headaches of the transaction, but take care of every aspect that supports selling well, so you can focus on your next plan. Trust John Crosby to deliver the results you deserve.

    John specializes in helping you buy and sell unique properties. John Crosby stands apart from the competition because your property is his priority. Whether you are searching for your dream home, downsizing, upgrading and everything in between, his team can help you make the most out of your real estate experience! Get in touch with John today!

    Royal LePage Award of Excellence (Lifetime)Royal LePage Director's Platinum AwardRoyal LePage Diamond AwardRoyal LePage President's Gold AwardRoyal LePage Red Diamond AwardRuby AwardRoyal LePage National Top 10% AwardRoyal LePage National Top 5% Award
    Royal LePage Award of Excellence (Lifetime)
    Royal LePage Director's Platinum Award
    2018-2019, 2013-2014
    Royal LePage Diamond Award
    2020, 2015-2017
    Royal LePage President's Gold Award
    Royal LePage Red Diamond Award
    Royal LePage Ruby Award
    Royal LePage National Top 10% Award
    Royal LePage National Top 5% Award

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      Client Testimonials

      A dear friend recommended another agent that we went with at first. What a huge mistake.
      John was our first choice and we realized early on that by hiring the other we had made a mistake and couldn’t wait for the listing to expire. We then hired John and he did a super job.
      Will certainly send him referrals.

      - Judy MacDonald

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