How to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers

Wondering how to appeal to buyers viewing your property during an open house? There are several ways to make your home more appealing to buyers when preparing for an open house. These low-cost open house tips don’t require professional help, so why not try them? If you hope to receive multiple offers on your property, taking the time to prepare your house before a showing is essential.

1. Make Minor Repairs

Minor repairs can go a long way in making your home appear more valuable to buyers. This includes little things you may have been putting off, such as broken doorknobs, a cracked tile, burnt-out light bulbs, carpet stains, and things of that nature. Putting in the time to fix these minor problems will not only attract buyers but will also prep your property for a home inspection.

2. Paint Walls a Neutral Colour

Repainting walls is a great way to make a room appear more welcoming and spacious. However, the colour you choose matters. If you opt for a bright or out-of-the-box colour, you’re personalizing the space. This isn’t a bad thing when you intend to keep living in the home, but this can present a problem when trying to sell a home.

We recommend opting for a more neutral colour like beige or any other earth tone. These appealing hues allow potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home.

3. Remove Personal Items

As we’ve established, de-personalizing your space is a good move to make your home more appealing to buyers. If you have too many personal items lying around, they may struggle to imagine their own furniture and décor in the home. So, to attract the most interest, take down things like family photos, paintings, or any other unique décor that could distract a potential buyer.

4. De-Clutter

A home full of clutter is not ready to be shown to interested buyers. Clutter can make a home look dirty and small, so why not sort through it or relocate it for the time being? You can temporarily store your clutter in a storage unit to give buyers the space they need to explore your home.

5. Update Light Fixtures

Dim light fixtures can make your home feel dreary and even a little claustrophobic. Fortunately, you can easily swap out your outdated bulbs with new light fixtures that properly showcase your home and welcome interested buyers. New lights can make a space more bright and contemporary, so consider making that small investment.

6. Improve Your Front Lawn

The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers see. First impressions matter, so it’s important to put some time into making your front lawn look its best. You don’t need to arrange for any extreme landscaping, some mowing and weeding can make a huge difference. You can also enhance the lawn by adding some lovely flowers and greenery.

7. Address Pet Issues

You want your home to appeal to both people with and without pets. That means addressing a few pet-related issues before attempting to sell your home. This includes taking care of pet stains and odours, picking up any of their “gifts” left in the backyard, and putting their toys away. You should also arrange to have your furry friend stay somewhere else during the showings. This is necessary for a few reasons, such as some people may be allergic to animals and pets can be very distracting.

Hire a REALTOR® for Professional Insights

You can easily follow these tips without professional help, but an expert can identify issues in your home that you may have overlooked. A Royal LePage Triland real estate agent will know how to sell your home, highlighting its strengths. With their industry experience, market knowledge, and negotiating skills, they’re fully equipped to sell your house for the highest amount possible.

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