Moving From a City to a Town Like Ingersoll

Is the siren call of a small town reaching you? Are you wondering if perhaps city living isn’t for you? You may be thinking of starting a family, or maybe you’ve already created a family, and the idea of small-town living is becoming more and more attractive. What are the benefits of a small town, and how can you even find real estate there?

Bang for your Buck

When branching out from a city and moving to a small town, the cost of housing will be more affordable, and buyers will be getting more house value for their dollar. That means more room for kids, a more oversized yard for fun and games, and a closer-knit community for late-night hide-and-seek fun. Small town REALTORS® know families want a house that can grow with them and not worry about outgrowing over the years. In addition to getting more property for the money, life in a small town also means a lower cost of living.

Peace of Mind

Statistically speaking, a small town has less crime, which leads to more peace of mind. There is also more opportunity to develop lasting relationships with neighbours; when people are more aware, crime is less likely to happen. Peace of mind also comes with a more relaxed pace of life. There’s no need to rush around, as small towns have a significantly slower pace of living compared to big cities. A small town has nothing to compete with and exists as it is.

Commuter Ease

Everything is right where you need it in a small town, and even if you have to drive from one side of town to the other to run an errand, it’s a fraction of the distance in a larger city. An added benefit is walking in a small municipality for these errands is more common and, thanks to the lower likelihood of crime, that walk will feel more safe, even earlier in the morning or later in the evening. Finding a job in the same small town will mean significantly less commuter time than living and working in the same city. That means more time for family life at home and less driving around in the vehicle.


Fewer buildings and fewer cars on the road, including larger transport vehicles, mean less pollution in the air. Anyone with breathing restrictions like asthma will find themselves healthier in a smaller town. The air outside is much cleaner and clearer; taking a deep breath will feel more refreshing than breathing in the city. Fewer cars on the road mean less noise pollution, allowing for a better night’s sleep and a relaxed state of mind in general. Taking away the abundance of city lights means more opportunities for stargazing. On special nights, you may be able to see the Northern Lights.

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

When moving to a small town, find a real estate agent familiar with small-town living. As we’ve detailed, there are many differences between city living and small-town living. Once you have committed to making a move, you’ll want to find a professional who understands that difference and has experience with past clients who have made the transition. Ask potential REALTORS® if they’ve sold many homes in small towns and how familiar they are with the community and area you are looking to call home.

Every person is different, and each has various reasons for living where they do. If the benefits of small-town living outweigh the benefits of living in a city, reach out to a real estate agent specializing in Ingersoll real estate and small-town living and explore your options.

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