Dorchester Ontario

Would you like to live in a town that’s quaint but conveniently close to some happening cities? If so, the town of Dorchester in Southwestern Ontario could be perfect for you. Dorchester, which has a small population of approximately 4,000, is both the residential and commercial core of Thames Centre.

Located just a few kilometres east of London, Southwestern Ontario’s largest municipality, Dorchester offers the best parts of both small-town and city living. This is one of the many reasons why people of all ages and backgrounds have settled in this serene little town.

A Wholesome New Home for Families

Dorchester is a very safe, welcoming, and wholesome place to raise children. The town has all the amenities you and your kids could ever need, including a recently renovated hockey rink and a new outdoor recreation complex with a baseball diamond, five soccer fields, and a pond. The impressive recreation centre, in particular, is a favourite of both youths and adults across Dorchester.

Worried that this small town won’t have the appropriate schools for your little ones? Dorchester is able to accommodate children and teens of all ages with its four schools, which include River Heights Public School, Northdale Central Public School, St. David’s Catholic School, and Lord Dorchester Secondary School.

A Rich History and Ecosystem

Dorchester has a long history as it was first settled in the 1790s by British Loyalists. These loyalists were given the land by Upper Canada’s governor, John Graves Simcoe, in an effort to populate the province. At that time, Dorchester was widely known for its lumber, which included both cedar and white pine trees.

Though the town has sought out newer and more plentiful economic prospects, the people of Dorchester continue to enjoy its many trees and greenery. Surrounded by forest, the town’s rich ecosystem has led to Dorchester becoming a favourite eco-tourism spot in Ontario. This is due in part to Dorchester’s nine local trails, the tranquil Mill Pond, and countless opportunities for hiking, canoeing, fishing, and so much more.

Discover What Makes Dorchester Special

The very best parts of living in Dorchester are on display at the Mill Pond Eco-Trail. This hiking trail, which is a moderate 3.5 km, wraps around the aforementioned Mill Pond. Mill Pond is a lovely spot, perfect for picnicking, photography, and more. It’s a great place to bring the kids on a Saturday afternoon as it’s safe, fun, and packed with learning opportunities.

The Mill Pond Eco-Trail takes you into a whole new world of natural beauty, with lots of vegetation and wildlife that you can’t find in the cities. This includes raspberry bushes, turtles, deer, beavers, and several other plants and animals that are native to the area. Missed out on doing this hike during the summer? You can also hike the Mill Pond Eco-Trail during the winter with a pair of snowshoes!

Make Dorchester Your New Home

Dorchester’s close proximity to both nature and urban areas has made it a sought-after home for people across Ontario and beyond. Its hiking trails, scenic lake, and thick forests will be an incredible relief to anyone tired of 24/7 city life. Still, the city is just a short drive away if you need to commute to work or want to visit the shops one afternoon!

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