How to Utilize London Real Estate Agents

As with every real estate market in Ontario, the London real estate market is hot. Home prices have risen 30% over the past year — single-family, townhouses and condos. Whether you’re navigating the market as a seller or as a buyer, and even perhaps both, having a London real estate agent will be one of the biggest tools in your arsenal.


A person is not just selling their house. There’s also a family to take care of and a job to go to. Having a real estate agent means every critical step along the way is taken care of with a trained professional, so nothing falls through the cracks. An agent will help with setting an initial price based on their knowledge of your home, the neighbourhood, and a number of other factors. An agent will also have a mind for marketing your home so that it gets in front of the right buyers’ eyes. They’ll know which parts of your house to feature, and conversely, what changes you may need to make to turn something potentially problematic into a brilliant selling feature.

Having a real estate agent on your side when you’re selling also means you’re not in a silo. Agents have extensive networks through which your home can be viewed and sold, especially an agent that works hard on their relationship and reputation.

An agent is also an excellent gatekeeper to help you avoid unqualified buyers. Working with a well-trained agent means they’ll be able to find motivated and qualified buyers to ensure your home doesn’t stay long on the market. Finally, real estate agents can navigate all the legal paperwork that comes with selling a home. They can help sellers avoid fraud, or even breaches of contract that incorrectly filed paperwork can incur. Real estate agents in London, and in Ontario as a province, are well versed in the laws that govern sellers and buyers.


When you work with a real estate agent when buying a home, they can help you understand the best value for the house you’re looking at. They’ll be able to identify the neighbourhood, and what it’s worth, and easily suss out items in the home that haven’t been properly dealt with before bringing it to market. Once those issues are found, then an agent will be an advocate to ensure the work is completed before you take ownership of the home and will also work to resolve any accompanying issues. They’ll also be aware of local codes, which is another way you can avoid inheriting potential problems when the deal has closed.

Searching online for homes is a great way to pass the time, but it could easily become discouraging if you’re not able to find the homes that stand out to you. Having a real estate agent on your side means you have access to homes that aren’t on any website.

Much like selling a house, buying a house comes with a lot of paperwork including the written offer, the counteroffer, repair details, and full details of what was included in the sale. Not only that, but often the paperwork has a deadline attached. Having a real estate agent who knows what they’re doing means that paperwork is handled quickly, efficiently, and with a full understanding of every detail.

If there’s a negotiation to be had, a real estate agent can remove any emotion, making the negotiation more effective — especially in your favour.

Hiring a London Real Estate Agent

Working with the best London real estate agent when you’re buying or selling means your experience can be much less stressful than navigating the waters on your own. Be sure to do your research to find an agent that connects with you well and offers everything you need.

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